I wound up spending much of the day working on something other than what I planned. At least it was writing. Though I kind of ran out of steam, and then changed my mind a little bit. And then I was pretty tired. I had a thing at school and my husband wanted to catch up on Bones and Castle. But I got an okay amount of sleep last night. So I guess I’ll get back to the novel packet today.


I feel an uneasiness that I’m avoiiding something important. I mean, besides securing a method of time travel so I can go back and not overdraw my bank account that has no branches where we live. Or cleaning up the boxes that fell from my closet shelf. Or what have you. I did succeed in getting some good writing done yesterday on my non fiction project. Tomorrow I have a goal of… Oh yeah, my debit card seems to be missing. Better figure that one out. Several phone calls later, Tomorrow I want to work on a chapter summary for the novel covering my teens.

Life, such as it is

It’s been an interesting weekend with two birthdays and dealing with an allergic reaction. This is my fifth one in nearly a year. My face gets inflamed and then the itching subsides to stinging, then rough dry skin. The first couple I thought were pineapple related. But now I just don’t know. I do think most instances could have been stress and sleep deprivation related. I did think I will try and get into an allergist. If its not pineapple, I hate to be avoiding it for no reason. Anyway, I wanted a blog to put my daily plans on. I thought about this last week. I posted about it on livejournal. But my network over there is pretty quiet. So we’ll give this a stab. Last Friday morning I was contemplating grad school. But as I was coming home from driving kids to school this morning, I realized that such endeavors are best left for when I don’t have a tot at home. Maybe 4 years. And who knows what else will change by then. In the meantime there are things to be written. So I guess that was the question on my mind this morning, whether to tackle novel stuff or nonfiction. I think the nonfiction idea that had me thinking about grad school has congealed into something less scary so I’ll plug away on that today.