Life, such as it is

It’s been an interesting weekend with two birthdays and dealing with an allergic reaction. This is my fifth one in nearly a year. My face gets inflamed and then the itching subsides to stinging, then rough dry skin. The first couple I thought were pineapple related. But now I just don’t know. I do think most instances could have been stress and sleep deprivation related. I did think I will try and get into an allergist. If its not pineapple, I hate to be avoiding it for no reason. Anyway, I wanted a blog to put my daily plans on. I thought about this last week. I posted about it on livejournal. But my network over there is pretty quiet. So we’ll give this a stab. Last Friday morning I was contemplating grad school. But as I was coming home from driving kids to school this morning, I realized that such endeavors are best left for when I don’t have a tot at home. Maybe 4 years. And who knows what else will change by then. In the meantime there are things to be written. So I guess that was the question on my mind this morning, whether to tackle novel stuff or nonfiction. I think the nonfiction idea that had me thinking about grad school has congealed into something less scary so I’ll plug away on that today.


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