I’ve been thinking more about grad school, I guess from my birthday and stuff. I wrote about that on a couple of my other blogs. It’s something I will think harder about if, say, my husband doesn’t pass the bar exam. Otherwise, it’s probably a “when baby starts school” timeframe. I am also working on my memoir story still. I got out my nanowrimo from 2004, but it’s pretty heavily fictionalized and I just don’t know that it will be that helpful for the story I’m trying to write. Gah. I sometimes worry that I keep starting with whole cloth and each fresh start is moving me backward. Well, we’ll see. Then I have a few healthy lifestyle projects going. Like, 3 is a few. All sane people agree on that. One interesting thing I hadn’t realized I didn’t know is that eating disorders and addiction are regarded as separate by psychiatry. There is significant overlap. I mean, chemical dependency is delineated from behavioral addiction, but I really think it’s not that simple. If any addiction were strictly chemical, methadone and nicotine patches would be more effective than they seem to be.


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