One small step

Each year the county brings around dumpsters and leaves them dotted along the neighborhood streets.  People put in junk, scrappers cull metal from them, and a day or so later the county collects them.  Usually we get a postcard informing us when it is coming but I didn’t see one this year so I don’t know if they gave up on snail mail or if it got lost in the shuffle.  (bets, anyone?)  

Usually it’s a big rush to get our junk in before the thing fills up, but our next door neighbor had arranged for a green waste pickup and set some furniture out for free last week (which argues for the no postcard hypothesis).  The house on the other side was renovated throughout the winter and spring, and is up for rent so there isn’t anyone to put junk from that one.  So our poor  dumpster is just sitting out there, less than 1/4 full. I had the kids move some branches that had been cut by the power company, but that was it.

This morning I woke up too early and was just getting back to bed when it occurred to me that I have boxes in my basement full of promotional videotapes for a home business opportunity we have not done anything with in the last 10 years.  I was able to take out four 1.5 gallon boxes.  I had hoped there would be more, but some of the materials are mixed up with returned business mail and that that sanctus sanctorum, books.