Trying some new things

In 2012 I lost just over 20% of my bodyweight and I’m currently maintaining a 26% reduction from my highest non pregnant weight.  (see for more info on that.)  I lost my weight mostly using the SparkPeople website, but when it comes to maintaining weight, SparkPeople actively discourages a couple of important things that are emphasized in the scientific literature.  (Self monitoring and cognitive restraint).  But it is the largest health and lifestyle support website in the world, so I continue to blog there and be involved with some of the teams.  I do think support and attitude are critical components of weight management and I think SparkPeople does a pretty good job with dietary advice generally.  I guess my single minded devotion to SparkPeople ended after I read the Spark Solution because it was pretty complicated.  I have wanted to reread some of the mental makeover stuff.

Another thing SparkPeople won’t do is track sugar grams.  You can opt to track nearly anything else that appears on a food label.  I’ve tracked fiber, sodium, potassium and iron, but it won’t allow you to track sugar.  So about a week ago I switched to LoseIt after asking a friend that I know tracks sugar.  Most of my fitness is tracked on fitbit.  A couple of months ago I decided my strength training is not a significant source of calorie burn (while I’m doing it) so I am just going with the calories my fitbit says I’m using.  It’s possible they’re a tad low as I believe I have an above average muscle composition.

I also started posting on 3fatchicks, whose name makes me cringe, but they post your height, starting weight, current weight and goal weight if you provide them on each post which I find pretty useful.  Something I always wonder on SparkPeople is how tall people are, how much weight they have lost.  I mostly wonder if their weight seems really low to me.  Are they just short or do they have an eating disorder?  I don’t know if I really need to know people’s weight, but if I do, the other data is helpful.  There’s still age.  You get these twenty somethings who insist they are fine not exercising, and I realize “that’s right, when you’re 20 you aren’t worried about your lean mass.”

I guess when I worry I’m spreading myself too thin, it’s important to remember that my wider purpose is to help people who want to maintain their weight.