Arise from the dust

We need to do something about our house.  Last Saturday I realized whether we move and rent it, move and sell it, or stay put and refinance, or stay put period, I’ve got to start taking better care of it.

I did get some things done this week.  We had a couple visitors on Tuesday so I straightened up the living room and dining room.  The living room pretty much collapsed again, but the dining room still looks a little better than normal.

I also picked up brush and branches that were left in the yard from us trimming trees about 10 days ago.  It snowed the day after we did it, and then we moved some last Saturday, and I heard it was going to snow again so I picked up the rest.

This was despite having two term papers, an exam and an outpatient procedure for one of the kids this week, so we’ll see what I’m able to do next week.


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