Today was good.

I did get the filing set up and probably filed half the year.  As it turns out, there was a lot of mail from about a year ago and then the last several months, but a gap from last spring.  So hopefully I’ll get into that tomorrow.

I didn’t get down to the basement, but instead I got a lot of the old clothes out of my bathtub, where I had put them while we were constructing our bedframe.  They had been there for… a while.

I found two things I have really wanted, one during each project.


Need to step it up

I can’t say much about my first 6 days of winter break.  I guess on Friday I did clean up for someone to come over, and I did some organizational stuff, but it was calendar and blog related.  Then I got an idea to make my sister a photo book for Christmas, and that pretty much ate Saturday.  I also took my mom home from the airport but that was along the lines of a social engagement, which I also had on Thursday and Friday.

And there will always be social engagements, or medical appointments, or what have you.  So I need to make tomorrow count.  I think I will attack the basement.  I think that will make me feel the most accomplished, and I need to build some momentum.

Things come up

I didn’t get much done on the house, but I did some things that were important to me.  I took a progress pic for my one year of weight maintenance.  I spent some time reorganizing the workbook for that.

I had woken up at 3:45 and laid awake for quite a while so I kind of had a nap, but then I got a text about a carpool swap, and when I picked up the kids they had practice ACT stuff so we spent some time talking about what that meant.  I think that’s the main thing that came up.

There was a deadline for my older kid that we got taken care of, and then we had dinner out and that was pretty much the day.  I did make a loaf of bread that saved me a shopping trip.  Though I gotta go today.

Some up, some down

I found 3 pairs of scissors yesterday, so that was a major win.  But I didn’t wind up sorting the mail.  Maybe I’ll put a productivity block (90 minutes or so) into that.  I guess I can get ready by going to the basement and getting my filebox.


I did put in an hour or so sorting mail.  It’s so thankless.  I don’t feel like I accomplished much at all.  But maybe I’ll attack it again after dinner.

Where did the time go?  It was my carpool day so that was part of it.  The baby was especially cranky today, having woken early.  I spent more time than I should have socializing online, but it wasn’t egregious.  I was good about actually decluttering during the babies nap, but then it was carpool time again.

I guess there was a period of time mid morning when I looked at school stuff, rearranged my schedule for next term, and made some phone calls.  I talked to my husband about our medium term plans relative to that, and I did some laundry that I’d been putting off.  A lot of the laundry is finally done because someone needs something to wear the next day.  These were baby blankets that had been piling up.  So I guess I did get a lot done, just not as much of what I had planned, and not the sort of stuff I need to get done on a day to day basis.

I need to get some actual filing done.  I had apparently gone through this pile before for loan offers, because I found almost none of those.  And then I got down to a point I just wasn’t willing to keep sorting.  I did recycle a lot of stuff, and I was pretty good about throwing away anything I doubted I would file.

Winter Break

I have about 5 weeks to invest in getting my house in order.  One likely scenario would be selling or getting this house appraised and then renting it out, since my husband wants to move.  I’m okay with moving.  Not moving would mean making the house nice enough that he doesn’t want to move.

I suppose I could provide a little background there.  We bought this house about 10 years ago and it was a steal because the previous owner died while remodeling it.  We made a lot of repairs.  8 years ago we sold it at a profit that was more due to the market than our improvements.  5 years ago we bought it again.  The guy who owned it in between painted the walls very intense colors (the kitchen was a chocolate brown with Xbox green cabinets) and there were apparently multiple dogs living here so the carpets were thrashed.  We had meant to repaint before we moved in, but due to delays and deadlines that didn’t happen.  And then there was law school, and then we had a baby with medical isues, and it just generally didn’t happen.  (I look back to the year between moving and law school, when we binge watched 5 seasons of Battlestar Galactica, and shake my head.)  So I think there’s some basis to my husband’s dissatisfaction with our house, but I’m not sure where we will go from here. 

I am optimistic that I can make a change.  I just finished a semester of school and appear to have done very well in all my classes, so I think my recovery from passive aggressive personality disorder is demonstrated in that.  I know it’s up to me.  I am not entitled to take it easy.  I mean, we all are sometime but I have spent my life taking it easy. 

But I am not sure what to do.  I don’t want to wind up losing all this time reading a book on what to do.  I suppose I could to some extent, after I’ve put some time in each day.  Just like blogging about it.  I suppose I’ll have to let learning be part of the process.