The end is near

The end of winter break, that is, and I guess I’m not really surprised or disappointed I haven’t got more done.  Bygones…

Today my goal is to box stuff from my living room bookshelves that I am not going to do anything with in the next several weeks:
Dr. Who Scarf Yarn
Home movies on VHS
Any books that don’t look especially presentable

You get the general idea.  If I were staging this house to show, would I want this out?  If not, but if I think I may want it between now and April, it can always trade places with the encyclopedias I’m bringing out instead.


How the time flies

Once the kids were out of school, just a daily level of maintenance has been a challenge.  Today is the last day we can be sure of having to work on stuff.  Tomorrow we hope to help someone move.  I’ve gotten some things I was putting off done today, which is kind of good but it wasn’t house related.

Yesterday was the only day I can say for sure was a big disappointment.  Other days have been holidays or we got something done.  I had lunch with my mom, which was nice, but I was already overloaded for salt, and then we nearly had a wreck driving home… someone lost a box off their pickup truck right in front of us on the freeway.  When I got home I had a headache and played videogames with my husband for a while.  I couldn’t decide whether or not it was bad enough to take ibuprofen, and then I decided I might as well go shopping and when I picked up my keys I realized I’d missed a church auxiliary meeting.  I have flaked out on several of these the last few months.  It was in my planner, I’ve just gotten out of the habit of looking in my planner.  I use it more for school when that’s going on.

So, 10 more days of break.