How the time flies

Once the kids were out of school, just a daily level of maintenance has been a challenge.  Today is the last day we can be sure of having to work on stuff.  Tomorrow we hope to help someone move.  I’ve gotten some things I was putting off done today, which is kind of good but it wasn’t house related.

Yesterday was the only day I can say for sure was a big disappointment.  Other days have been holidays or we got something done.  I had lunch with my mom, which was nice, but I was already overloaded for salt, and then we nearly had a wreck driving home… someone lost a box off their pickup truck right in front of us on the freeway.  When I got home I had a headache and played videogames with my husband for a while.  I couldn’t decide whether or not it was bad enough to take ibuprofen, and then I decided I might as well go shopping and when I picked up my keys I realized I’d missed a church auxiliary meeting.  I have flaked out on several of these the last few months.  It was in my planner, I’ve just gotten out of the habit of looking in my planner.  I use it more for school when that’s going on.

So, 10 more days of break.


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