Fortunately, unfortunately

Fortunately we got a good number from the refi, unfortunately it was contingent on a number of additional repairs. It’s rough because we have this large load of tasks hovering over us, but without as much of a hard deadline… I think. I should ask the guy about that.

I find I am not as focused coming into this semester as I have been others. Possible reasons:

  • I missed the first session of most classes due to vacation
  • these grades won’t apply toward PA applications
  • I got derailed on my plan to take general chemistry (therefore apply to RMUHP)
  • I am now looking ahead at plan B of nursing school
  • spacepook has moved far away
  • money stress from the refi suspension

That seems like enough reasons to be a little distracted.  I’m trying to only eat from food storage for my own lunches and snacks.  I have powdered eggs and peanut butter as well as various other stuff, so it’s good.  We need to work through our canned goods anyway.  

If our consciousness is like Freud’s iceberg, I guess if you push it deeper (by going into less saline water, to kill the analogy with overextension) maybe you lose control over which things will remain in the open air.


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