I’ve been reading on OCD and OCPD (disorder/personality disorder).  They are supposed to be distinct, though as far as I can tell, the distinction is whether or not you are distressed by your disorder.  Both have intrusive thoughts, but OCD seeks to resolve these through unproductive rituals while OCPD focuses on perfectionistic behavior that is self affirming, or egosyntonic.

I guess what has happened with me is I was raised in clutter, so it’s like my hoarding disorder is egosyntonic.  But for my husband, who I’d speculate is more OCPD, it’s a major cause of distress (even though I’ve often tried to observe to him that he keeps crap too.)

In the past, I’ve tried putting in a good day’s work cleaning and he’s never able to praise me for it.  I guess it’s somewhat freeing to understand this is a disorder in him, that I can safely pursue my own course of recovery without being emotionally invested in his approval.


2 thoughts on “Egodystonia

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