At least we’re out of the tree

Last summer, in preparation for an appraisal, we took a bunch of boxes from our basement and various other rooms of our house and put them in a storage unit.  I meant to go through them and weed things down, but after a couple of months of paying the storage unit rent, we caved and moved everything to our sunroom.

I was so angry as I moved them into the sunroom.  We had put a lot of work into cleaning up and recarpetting the sunroom to make it a usable space.  And now it was another attic or basement.  Now we have a visitor coming in a couple of weeks, who would have a view of the sunroom.  I realized I just had to move everything again, there was no time to sort through.

It’s interesting how having determined this to be the case, I am able to accept it.  But what can I do in the future to keep the clutter from monopolizing so much of our living space?  One thought I had this morning is that I need to make exceptions for the things I keep, not the things I throw out.  In the past my thought process has been “keep unless”.  It has to become “throw away/shred unless.”

Well, and I have to actually shred things.  I got a new shredder for Christmas a year and a half ago, and it hasn’t been opened.  I bought a fire pit on sale a couple of years ago, so I could burn junk mail, but I haven’t set that up either.  Still, all that stuff could be in discrete boxes.  It’s the mixture of photos, paystubs, utility bills, random leaflets and junk mail from years past that is so mind boggling to approach.  I need bins to put stuff in as I go, I guess.  Hopefully.  We’ll see how it goes.

If you didn’t get the post title, it’s from Jurassic Park, when Tim and Grant are in a car in the tree, and they try to get out of the car, and the car chases them down the tree and lands on them.  And Tim says “Well, we’re back inside the car.”


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