Beck [problem] Solution, 1 and 2

1.  A friend is working the Beck Diet Solution on a forum, and I thought I’d go through some of the exercises relative to chronic disorganization.  The idea is that the particular diet is not the issue, but cheating, giving up, and sabotaging yourself.

Task — List the advantages of you accomplishing your goal).  Write these down and review them twice a day.

My overall goal is to keep a home where anyone would feel comfortable.  (like the congregation lay leader.)  There are a couple of traps I fall into.  One is that because I can’t find stuff, I have to buy new stuff.  Another is that when I crisis clean, I shove stuff in boxes or bags without rhyme and reason, which leads to not being able to find stuff.

My home is a place I can feel comfortable hosting anyone.

I can find things I need and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Maintaining my home will prevent crisis clutter.

The second task, if I were doing BDS, is to choose two diets, so that if my first one doesn’t work out, I have a fall back.  The thing is, chronic disorganization schemes don’t seem as straightforward to me as diets.  But this is coming from several years of successful dieting.  I think there was a time diet was very complicated for me… when I wasn’t doing it well.  Diets can either address how much you eat or the quality of what you eat.  That seems to be a principle I can work with.

There’s form and function.  Form is if the public areas of the house (Dining room, living room, and in our case kitchen) look presentable.  Function is whether there is order and sanitation in the private areas.  So like a reasonable diet needs to address quantity and quality, mine organization plan needs to address both.

I’ve tried flylady several times over the years, and I guess that will be my backup plan.  I think my first line will be to spend 30 minutes on a public room per day, and then spend 30 minutes decluttering or organizing.


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