Aren’t people with OCD supposed to be neat freaks?

And therein lies the problem.  I was thinking about it today, as I took a pair of tweezers away from my preschooler and threw them in a high place with a lot of writing implements.  Part of the reason we wind up crisis cleaning is we can’t figure out where to put stuff to begin with, because so many things are not neatly categorized.  And categories depend on what you’re trying to accomplish.  Kind of like how tomatoes are a vegetable for purposes of interstate commerce, but a fruit to biologists, and a true berry to botanists.

So I guess the trick is always asking first and foremost, When I want to be able to find this again, where would I look for it?

I didn’t have a super worth it memory from my actual organizing today, though I did find myself in possession of 3 pairs of scissors.  Scissors are my totem for a think I know I own but can never find when I need them, and my husband threatens to buy more.


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