If clutter were fat

I’ve been pondering my day 2 commitment that involves choosing 2 plans.  I’m not really familiar with organizing the same way I am with diets, but then there was a time I didn’t know diets backwards and forwards.

I did flylady back when it was a yahoo group.  I even worked with the root she sprang from, Sidetracked Home Executives.  I read an article about the Kondo “does this spark joy” method.  I read the 7 habits of highly effective people once upon a time, and it had some applicability, I guess.

I just really want to draw a correlation to a sound nutritional and exercise plan, though.  So here we go.

Paper/books:  The trouble with paper is that it arrives by mail every day.  Or in the kids backpacks.  Or you are in school yourself.  There are some variants like books, music and movie media or games, though those have to be purchased at least.

Clothes:  They say clothes make the man, and some of us hang onto clothing as if our lives depended on it.  I understand.  I’ve gained and lost weight over the years, and know how on the one hand we hope we will someday fit something but also hang onto the big stuff in case we need that too.

Knick knacks:  I don’t have a terrible time with these, I wouldn’t say, unless I expanded it to include hobby supplies.  (ouch).  These can especially be hard to get rid of if they are memorabililia or gifts.  I’ve never been able to collect things, but I can see the allure.

A lot of programs will challenge you to rid yourself of the things that vex you most.  Something we learn in nutrition, though, is that eliminating every instance of things, even the things that should be limited, is not healthy.  You need some salt and some fat, even if it’s about half what people choose to eat left to themselves.  Sugar is debatable, but it does have protein sparing effect.   So I’ll posit that clothes are like fat, paper and media are like salt, and knick knacks are like sugar.  These are the things we need less of.  Knick knacks we don’t technically need, but how realistic is that?

What happens with these things in the body is they cause metabolic embargo, aka insulin resistance and hypertension, and the more of them you get, the more you actually want to eat because even though you are eating plenty, your cells can’t get what they need.  I think these sources of frequent clutter are also similar in that we get them as gifts from other people.  Enduring social pressure to eat things that are not on plan is a major aspect of the Beck Diet solution.

So what do we want more of?  In nutrition there are things that are better to eat, and then there is exercise.  We tend to think of nutrition and exercise as different things, and it is possible to lose weight without exercising a lot, but 90% of people who maintain weight loss long term exercise.

I feel that time management is key.  There’s two sides to this: getting started and seeing things through.  Both involve resisting procrastination.  Since they are closely related but distinct, I would term them as being like fruits and vegetables.  Similar in importance is goal setting, which I would compare to water.

So what can be compared to protein?  I’m not really sure yet.  Maybe if I knew, I wouldn’t have the problems I do.

One way I think I am going to shake up my plan is to alternate the tasks I start days off with, because I tend to run out of time for my PM task.  I’ve been doing decluttering in the morning.  I consider decluttering to be like exercise.  I suppose I should define that by decluttering, I mean going through boxes that have things in them.  Some of the things are useful, some are nice, and some I just didn’t know what else to do so they wound up in a box.  It seems to me that a signature of clutter is that the stuff winds up grouped temporally instead of functionally or spatially.


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