Getting ready for August

I’ve been doing healthmonth since March.  It started out helping me to do the ABA exercises with my preschooler, but he’s gotten to a point that singing and verbal exchanges are productive.  But he really likes to help me do healthmonth (spin the wild wheel and check the green boxes) so I’ve continued to do that.

I set my 3 rules this month to work with my cognitive behavior work for organization.  Actually, I guess one is a family health thing (eat dinner together) and the other is physical health (limiting sugar) but the third one is reviewing a foundation strategy list.  Adapting the foundation strategies is one of the first things I tried to do, back when I couldn’t find the copy of the book and was seeing what resources existed on the internet.

Now that I’ve been doing it a couple of weeks I’ve learned some things.  I can get out of balance being productive as much as I can procrastinating.  This is akin to going cyber with your diet initially, and eventually deflating.  I have also had some balance problems between school and home organization, not to mention work I’m supposed to be doing for my husband’s home business.  And I had hoped to start writing again, but I haven’t been using my flex time for that effectively.  (Flex time is that post prandial shadow where it’s extra hard to make yourself do things you don’t like to do).

So, here’s my second draft of a foundation strategies checklist.  The other one is in my google drive somewhere.


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