What’s that, Sir?

Mal: You have to look past what she is to what she can be.

Zoe:  What’s that, Sir?
Mal:  Freedom…
Zoe:  No, I mean what’s that, sir?
Mal:  Oh, that.   I think something was living in here

Today I was super tired.   think I may have only gotten three hours of sleep last night, because of an earache.  So not at my best.  But at one point I stole a hug from my autistic preschooler, and it felt so good, and I realized something.  It’s important to see past limitations to possibilities.

I have done well with this in some things, but not with my house.  It’s probably part of my body dysphoria too, and why I really do feel good when I do strength training.  Of course, optimism can be dangerous if it keeps you from striving for improvement (like when I tried Kondo method and found everything sparks joy.)

Image: http://firefly.wikia.com/wiki/Zo%C3%AB_Alleyne_Washburne


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