Boy, that escalated quickly

Yesterday I decided to count my boxes, and I realized I actually was closer than I thought to being semi organized.  That is, I have 106 boxes in my basement, but I had 71 places to put boxes, so there was only 35 boxes more than I have places for.

So I was actually able to rearrange things so that every box has a face visible to the outside world.  The boxes are not in mysterious piles anymore.  This is strangely liberating, and moves me into a new phase of organizing.  That is, I feel like I’m actually organizing and not in hoarding detox.  I can have shelves/rooms dedicated to particular functions.

I’m in a nutrition class at nursing school and decided to try and classify what I’ve identified as the 3 types of clutter.
Sort chart

What I hope is helpful about this is that it draws analogies between the things I struggle with and the things I maybe don’t.  We’ll see how it works.


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