Escaping the past

I wrote a talk for church last week, the topic was the Atonement in my personal life.  At first it closely tracked my 12 step journey, but I eventually went over to more churchy things (which were still spiritual experiences that were part of my 12 step journey).  But I guess it’s stirred up that part of me.

Thinking mistakes often come from past experiences, voices of people we’ve known who were not always at their best.  My friends used to try and help me oppose these voices.  The 12 step way has a strange corollary to the brass serpent Moses made when the children of Israel were bitten by snakes.  Sometimes to recover, you have to look at the very thing that made you sick.

We can’t escape the past by fighting it.  Instead, we have to make peace with it.   There is an element in this in “one day at a time” and “just for today”.  We deal with the past in inventory and amends, and that frees us to live today.


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