An agenda for break

pawderosa If all goes as planned, I should be starting actual nursing school January 4.  This semester was the pre-semester, and there will be an interview I have with the admissions people sometime in the next 3 weeks.

So I pretty much have 10 weeks of break.  Things I would like to do:
– brush up on languages from college
– start learning guitar
– study brain and behavior
– National Novel Writing Month?

Then there’s the regular to do’s.
– declutter my house some more
– lifestyle management- part time paralegalling
– churchy stuff

I feel restless, because even though I turned in my last assignment, it will likely be next week before I know whether it’s been accepted.  Even if it is returned (which happened with the assignment prior) they give really specific feedback and you only have to fix what’s off spec.  But I really stuck close to the instructions, so I will be surprised if it gets returned.  I think it was a good paper also, with some personal but relevant content and a couple of cogent syntheses.  I think I also feel restless because I’ve grown to thrive on being evaluated.

Since the middle of September my home organization efforts have run hot and cold because I was carrying two intensive classes at the same time.  I moved a box rack into my husband’s office, but things kind of stalled there.  On the other hand, we have cleaned up the dining room for a weekly visit over the same 5 weeks, which has been nice.


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