Procrastination and Borderline PD

I was going through my facebook saved list today and ran across something that was circulating a lot several weeks ago: To Stop Procrastinating, understand the emotions involved.  I jotted a couple of comments as I read.

“Impulsive people are believed to have a harder time dealing with strong emotion and want to do something else to get rid of the bad feeling, Dr. Steel says.” So the kind of sensitivity to emotion Linehan posits for Borderline PD.

They talk about poor ability to envision future self. Lack of identity and goal setting is also an issue in BPD. The question is whether it’s a tendency you can address once aware of. It’s a disorder when you can’t even see that you have a problem- you think this is just the way you are.

I’m really good at accomplishing some things, but not others. I can see how the feelings I have about, say, housework, are largely unimproved from when I was a child. I do have a future self vision I was working on for that, which I was looking at daily for a while, but I forgot to do it this past month.

This past month I’ve been skirting “set my hair on fire and punch myself in the face” territory (a description of anxiety from Spanglish).  My husband’s employment ended and I was taking two intensive courses concurrently for actual school.  I did a personal enrichment class during some of my drive time.  And I guess there’s just this way that my husband being home most of the time makes it feel like there’s a time vacuum.

For his part, he gets a kind of cabin fever.  I should take him produce shopping once or twice a week.  His law business gets him out of the house now and then, but we’re just getting started with that.


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