Losing my schtuff

A few weeks ago I lost my keys overnight, my phone for half a day, and my purse went missing at my mom’s.  So I ordered a Tile brand locator for Christmas.  Then I lost two Redbox DVDs, resulting in my not getting to watch one of them.  (Tomorrowland, if you’re curious).

They turned up with 40 minutes to spare, but it was frustrating what a waste of time that was.  I didn’t search for them continuously those 5 hours, but that whole time if I wasn’t actively doing something else, the search was waiting in the wings.

More recently I’ve lost 2 other items.  One I won’t mention because it’s too embarassing.  The other is a thumb drive with work for the one class my son is pulling an A in.

I’m so tired of being unable to find things.  I did work on organizing my desk yesterday, so I have a place where papers belong, at least.