90 day healthy habit challenge

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A friend of mine on facebook (dude from church) is talking up a biggest loser challenge March 1.  And while I only have like 10 lbs to maybe lose, I’m thinking about it.  But rather than diet I’m going to do 5 healthy things a day.  We’ll see what happens.

1.  Workout.  This has the most potential to create results of my habits since my intake will remain the same.  (I have eaten the same for like 2 years after tracking all my food for 3 years.)  So why do I feel like I could lose 10 pounds?  Weekends and holidays add up.

2.  5 freggies per day.  There will be some additional deficit from calories consumed in fiber.  And freggies are antioxidant.

3.  Support groups.  I’m on sparkpeople and there will be this facebook group and other potential peeps.

4.  Inspirational reading.  Take your pick.

5.  Still thinking about 5.

I lost several pounds to anxiety disorder in the fall.  I had been doing most of these things before but had to regroup.  My weight has been stable and I’m feeling better.