Chronic Disorganization

One thing I learned when I was a legal secretary is that I make clutter when I try to achieve the appearance of having cleaned without actually cleaning. I had developed a pile of mystery papers in a hidden cubby under my desk. They weren’t all really mysterious. Some I should have filed in knowable locations but they got swept into the mystery pile because I wanted to sweep my desk clean, and I meant to file them later.

A lot of my clutter in my house is boxes that were the stuff I couldn’t deal with in the moment when I was panic cleaning (like I did today) or mystery mail. Most of my “clutter” was boxed by the movers when we went to and from Maryland. Can that really be all there is to clutter?

I’ve heard many times that you should just toss any unopened boxes after six months. That’s like telling an addict of any kind to “just cut it out”. So I guess that’s where I am saying that I am. My clutter is a form of spiritual dyslexia. But how to win free of it?


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