A spiritual disease?

The basis of seeking a recovery solution for a problem is being able to frame it as a spiritual disease.  In the parent page to this I discussed the spiritual dyslexia aspect, of putting the result ahead of the process, maybe.

Another broad definition of addictive/compulsive behavior I have used is when the thing you use to cope with your problems becomes the source of most of your problems.  I guess another way of putting that is that addiction/compulsion is an escape from life, whereas healthy behavior embraces life.  So that’s one way to look at it.

For my nutrition class I read “The End of Overeating” by David Kessler where he discussed Conditioned Hypereating as a biological explanation for overeating.  A big part of it was that the problem foods (hyperpalatable) created more desire to eat, rather than satisfying hunger.  While Dr. Kessler never applied word addiction to his model, he did talk about how lab animals responded to hyperpalatable stimuli in ways that paralleled illicit drugs.

I think this could be applied to clutter, that we have a drive to acquire things that provides a sense of emotional safety, but if it is not in response to a legitimate need, it may feed a ersatz reinforcement cycle that calls for more acquisition.

I know I don’t need to buy more scissors.  I need to have a home where I can find the scissors.  I have a drawer full of writing implements, but most do not work.  Same with batteries, a drawer full of ones that I can’t be certain are no good.  Since it is the battery drawer, there is a constant risk that someone will mix new batteries into the morass of questionable batteries.  Questionable batteries need to go in another place.


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