Cognitive Workbook

Just as I once went through the AABB and substituted food for alcohol, I’m going through The Beck Diet solution substituting organize for diet.  This is the program related vocab I encountered in the first several chapters:

Beck Diet Sol. Meaning Organization Money
Eat Behavior Relaxing Spending
Overeat Problem Procrastinate Overspend
Weight Result Clutter Debt
Diet Target Organize Budget
Exercise Remedy Declutter Save
Food Medium Time Money
Full (over) Experience Relaxed (bored) Satisfied
Hunger Drive Tired Need
Craving Desire Stress Want

I believe procrastination is at the heart of clutter because I don’t think anyone intends to have clutter.  But because we procrastinate both general cleaning and organizing, normal events like a visitor or moving result in crisis cleaning, where things get thrown higgledy piggledy into boxes (or bags!) and stowed out of sight.  Other people even “help” us with this, even professional movers or well meaning relatives.

Have you ever had someone help you clean up and because you couldn’t tell them where to put something, they say “we’ll set aside this box for things you need to deal with yourself.”  I have a box from when I was in the hospital having a baby, and my mom cleaned my dining room.  I don’t even know which baby it was, and that box is still with me.

The strange thing, which is often the case, is that I have OCD.  I am a very particular person and would love to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  The reason it is a disorder is this tendency goes beyond what is functional, and the need to sort and label things is often frustrated due to things not always being easy to categorize.  The OCD also contributes to my difficulty discarding things.

This becomes a vicious cycle when we can’t find things when we need them, and wind up having to buy new things.  We may have a weakness for deals that are too good to pass up, or junk other people have left on the curb marked “free”.  Maybe something is broken so we get a new one, but can’t help thinking we’ll someday have the old one repaired.  We know this is nuts, but it’s as hard to change as the dieter who knows they need to eat less and move more.

Diet vocabulary extracted from The Beck Diet Solution 2007, Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Oxmoor House


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