Week 6

Day 36 Believe it

Beck makes the interesting point that belief is the opposite of doubt.  I am ambivalent about the word believe.  It is the first step of Thin for Life, and one I had difficulty getting past.  But as the opposite of doubt it makes a lot of sense to me that it is something we have to do.  Belief seems a spiritual thing, but if it is, so is doubt and that hasn’t stopped me from doubting myself across a variety of settings.

I know that I doubt my ability to change from cluttering, hoarding or packratting.  I also know that belief is the best word to describe the first step of the self efficacy cycle.  It is a projection that if you did more today than you did yesterday, you can generally expect to do just as much more tomorrow.  Assuming your eyes aren’t bleeding or anything.

Day 37 Reduce stress

Beck gives three steps within this day: Solving problems (including 7 questions and sorting priorities).  Relax (breathe) & Change your mindset.  This last one involves identifying what your current mindset is like.  I have been reading Caroline Dweck’s Mindset on and off, and find it interesting that you can be fixed or change oriented regardless of internal/external.  Though I took this strengthsfinder seminar where they had us write with our non dominant hand, and there was one girl who totally could.  I think she’s also the only one who got 100% on the final paper.  Our strengths clusters were closest of anyone in the class.  It’s funny because I almost sat by her on the first day of class but then I moved to the rear because I have to leave early some days.

There’s a demon I have to consider here, and that’s the trouble I had with my 4th speech in my public speaking class.  But my 3rd speech was awesome.  It won a spot in the speakers showcase.  So why let that 4th speech get me down?  I was coasting and not doing the reading, and I got a C on that speech and an A- in the class.  The Asian F.  That’s still really stellar.

Day 38 Deal with your plateau

I guess you could say I’m in a plateau right now in my organization efforts.  But it has an explanation… my daughter came to visit.  I actually made surprising headway Saturday, without actually emptying any boxes, but moving around things looking for something, it was a bit like my box count breakthrough.  I know how I can remove 2 pieces of furniture from my woman cave, maybe 3.  And that’s going to be awesome.

As we observed a few days ago, progress won’t happen in a straight line.  I don’t have to give up just because I slowed down, nor do I have to double down.  I just have to hang onto the wagon.

Day 39 Keep up with exercise

Beck addresses coming back after injury here, and adds a little gem I studied in positive psychology class: end exercise with something positive.  For some reason, we remember the way things end more than we remember what happened during them.

In terms of clutter, I have found myself wondering where my donate bin is.  It was part of my plan, and while I don’t have one (upstairs) yet, I am already thinking in terms of using it.  So that’s good.  I think perhaps I need to use some of my drive time to make a few trips to the donation station.  I wonder how long I could make that last.  Why don’t I try it and find out?  Somedays it will be a bag of clothes, other days it might be a larger item like a TV.  But that would be like a good stretch at the end of a workout.

This is probably what becomes “worth it” memories in what I’m guess has to be the next book.

Day 40 Enrich your life

How this looks in a diet is to put some of your advantages that you hope to someday have into action now.  I guess this is something I planned in with doing some daily cleanup, and I could stand to get back to that.  Perhaps I need to highlight that in my foundational strategies.  I probably need to do that right now.

A recurring them here is treating yourself as the normal person you hope to become.  This is something I’m coming to terms with in my healthy lifestyle journey still.

Day 41 Make a new to do list

On the one hand, Beck has a bullet of what is recognizable as the foundational strategy list.  On the other hand the daily commitment has the most fearsome list of items.  And yet it is fewer than 40.  There have been a lot of repeats in the last two weeks.  (I counted again and it’s 24 items, though most individual days have been 8-14)

I have had a lot of thought out of trying to figure out what my 7 questions should be, as well as how to apply the foundational strategies.  And that’s what I’m working on next month, and why I’m cramming through list last week in one night.

Day 42 Practice, practice, practice

I guess 24 isn’t so many things to remember to think like a thin person for the rest of your life.  Now can I translate this list into habits of a neat person?

  1. Read advantage and belief cards
  2. Other response to sabotage cards
  3. Plan for tomorrow today
  4. Track time usage
  5. connect with coach
  6. mindfulness
  7. don’t overindulge (fullness)
  8. give self credit for healthy behavior
  9. remove or minimize temptation
  10. arrange schedule to succeed
  11. manage stress
  12. declutter spontaneously
  13. do planned decluttering
  14. wanting is not an emergency
  15. tolerate distress
  16. get back on track after hiccups
  17. Oh well/No choice on problem items
  18. respond effectively to unfairness and discouragement
  19. use seven questions
  20. handle junk pushers (including retail junk)
  21. Manage special occasion issues
  22. Self sooth without procrastinating
  23. Live the life you desire now
  24. Practice accountability

That first step is a doozy.  I guess the various cards are revisited under other steps, where they feel less burdensome.  Okay, I took out “no choice, not okay, and Get back on track” from step 1 because they are repeated elsewhere.